Noise Measurements and Acoustical Testing

MULLINS ACOUSTICS owns a variety of sound level meters, calibrators, tape recorders, noise dosimeters and other instrumentation to measure sound and vibration.  Capabilities include:

Instrumentation is tested periodically and has current laboratory certifications, traceable to NIST standards.  Portable calibrators are used routinely in the field during measurements to verify ongoing accuracy.

In addition to the instruments we own, we can rent specialized test equipment for projects.

Some of the measurements and tests that we routinely perform include:

        STC and NIC tests  (walls and ceilings)

        IIC tests  (floor-ceiling impact rating)

        NC measurements  (background sound level indoors)

        RT (Reverberation Time) measurements

        machinery noise & vibration

        environmental noise measurements (short and long term)

        product noise testing

        audio system set-up and commissioning

        workplace noise levels  (short term measurements and personal dosimetry)

        specification compliance testing

        noise ordinance compliance measurements

        audio demonstrations of accurate sound levels